Saturday, April 12, 2008

About Budhan Theater

"The Budhan Theatre was created in 1998 at Chharanagar, Ahmedabad by Dakxin Bajrange and Roxy Gagdekar.‘Budhan Theatre was founded on 31st August 1998 in commemoration of the day when India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, lifted the stigma of criminality from the settled tribes in 1952. Since 1998, Budhan Theatre has performed street plays to raise awareness about the condition of such tribes. Their goal is to demonstrate that Chharas are not “born criminals,” they are humans with real emotions, capacities, and aspirations. Each of their productions has dramatized the events surrounding custodial deaths, abductions, beatings and torture of such tribes throughout the country. Chharas are "born actors" and are inherently talented. Budhan Theater hopes to raise awareness about the plight of India's denotified tribes estimated to be anywhere around 60 million. The Chharas are traditional performers; their families have been acting for hundreds of years. Additionally, the youth now feel they are acting to change their lives, and in many real ways doing it to keep themselves alive. They are performing with what little they have — their bodies, their voices and their creative talent — to change their society so that they may have a future within it.’ "